Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Never Let Go

Donghae knows Yoona all too well. From what kind of food she likes to the scent of her perfume, he knows it all. It’s not that he’s known her since forever, but when you date someone for three years, you just know the inside and out.
So he is surprised when she’s linked to 2PM’s beast, Ok Taecyeon. As long as he knows, she is never into masculine and rough guys. She always prefers someone gentle and loving (like him, if he may add). But it’s not really his place to interfere anyway. After all, the broke up long ago and she’s free to date anyone she likes.
When he meets her for the first time in months, he greets her casually like he would do to a friend of his. She replies with a smile and both of them sit down for a light conversation. He asks her about the recent scandal and she doesn’t even deny it. She throws him a smile before excusing herself for a practice. For the first time in years of knowing Im Yoona, Donghae doesn’t know what that smile means. Is that a yes? Or is that a no? But when he sees her in a café with that particular man weeks after, he understands.
His members never stop persuading him to meet someone new. She’s moved on, why haven’t you? is the question he loses count hearing. What they don’t understand is that although he thinks his feeling for her is just an affectionate feeling toward a little sister and a close friend, he just doesn’t know how to start anew with someone else. Should he repeat all the process or will it just come naturally from his inner self because when he was with her, they were too young and had zero experience on those things.
Tired of hearing the same question every day, he tries to meet someone new. He tries so many times but none of those girls end up being someone important to him. Something is always lacking. They don’t share the same music with him, they can’t get how he wants his weekend to be, and they don’t understand his obsession on ballad songs and sappy movies because they’re just not her.
He’s pathetic, Donghae knows. Yoona looks contented with someone that’s not him yet here he is, all alone and look more miserable by the day. He convinces himself that it’s okay not to move on, it’s okay not to look for someone who can replace her because no one can. Yoona is special, and there is always a place in the corner of his heart for her.
Just when he thinks no one can be more pathetic than he is, a particular night happens. He just finishes a recording session when he hears someone talks (or rather argues) on the phone. He doesn’t need to double check to know whose voice it belongs to. But what happens next startles him. She has her back leaning on the wall, both eyes closed and her hand holds the phone close to her chest. Feeling guilty for peeking at something he shouldn’t, he decides to leave. But one lone tear from her eye stops him on his track.
The always cheerful and bright Im Yoona stumbles down right in front of his eyes, looking broken more than ever. Donghae’s heart aches at the sight yet he can’t do anything to help her.  Will she push him away if he hugs her like he always did every time she cried? Is it okay to hold her and whisper that everything’s gonna be alright in her ears?
So he sits down beside her; their shoulders touching. She doesn’t even move an inch. And when his hand reaches for hers, she let him be.
“It’s just so tiring to be consumed with so much anger and dislike on a regular basis.”
By that, he knows who she was talking to on the phone a while ago. He intertwines their hands and she looks up with red and puffy eyes. “It wasn’t like this with you,” she continues quietly. Her voice trembles with raw honesty.
He squeezes her hands in silent understanding. He knows. He can feel it.
After all, they never really let go of each other.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Be Here for You

From the first time Yoona met Sehun, she had never seen him this lifeless. Not even when he had to stay for the night to retake his line of MAMA or when he had to double his dancing routine alone because he had missed a week of training due to his health.

Sehun, the ever chic and evil maknae of a top boy group EXO is now seated on his chair, with his face buried in both of his hands. He has been in that state since the news broke out, and no one dares to approach him. Everyone in SM Entertainment must be feeling the deep grief every member of EXO is feeling right now and decide to give them space.

Yoona's heart sinks as she takes a step closer to the very EXO's member. She feels the warmth in her eyes but she tries harder to keep her tears at bay. Sehun looks like someone just take away what's important to him and Yoona needs to be strong for him. She can't cry. Sehun needs her.

With light steps, Yoona brings herself closer to Sehun. She takes a seat next to him, holding back the urge to pull Sehun and let him cry in her embrace. Yoona doesn't say anything, and Sehun seems oblivious to her presence beside him. Or maybe he knows. He just doesn’t give a damn about anything else. 

A few silent tears later, Sehun finally lifts his head. He rests his back to the wall behind him, both eyes looking at nothing in particular. They're empty, just like his heart. 

Yoona raises her hand, giving a slight pat to Sehun's left shoulder. The 20 year old man moves a little, finally aware of her presence.

"Sehun-ah," Yoona holds back her tears. Even saying his name is too painful for her. 

Sehun doesn't share a glance to the beautiful lady beside him. "He left us, Yoona," is all he can mutter. 

Yoona runs her fingers through Sehun's hair, already sniffling. "He won't. He loves you all. He'll find a way to come back." Right now, Yoona isn't even sure who she's trying to soothe.

Right after she heard the news, Yoona rushed to SM building. The fatigue from the flight from Dubai suddenly disappeared and all Yoona could think about was how to get to SM building as soon as possible. She felt the knot within her when she saw Baekhyun had his head on Suho's shoulder while D.O and Tao held each other's hand not far away from them.

The building is now in chaos, inside and out. Fans are gathered outside the building, each holding different banners but they meant the same; they don't want Kris to leave. Inside, all SM artists has come to give support. Even BoA dropped everything she was doing to check on EXO members. It seems like everyone is on their side in this.

The last time Yoona felt this way was when Hankyung left Super Junior. She was (and still is) close to all Super Junior members so when they sat together in deep silence, Yoona joint the circle and silently cried with them. DBSK's break up was even worse but Yoona was so much stronger that time, enough to held Changmin in her arms and told him everything was gonna be alright without even dropping her tears. She never thought she would go through this again.

When Sehun starts crying, Yoona kneel down in front of him, touching his forehead with hers. She feels Sehun's tears flowing on her cheeks, mixing with her own.

"Things will never be the same." Yoona's heart clenched after hearing Sehun's voice. He's breaking down, and Yoona can't take it.

"Whatever happens, you still have me. I'll always be here for you and I believe you can get through this. All of you can get through this."

Sehun closes both of his eyes, feeling the warmth of Yoona's hands on his face. The words Yoona just said light a new hope in his heart that everything is gonna be okay. That he'll get through this. We will get through this. Kris will never leave. Sehun chanted in his heart.

"EXO! Practice room 2, now!" One of the staffs yells. Sehun takes a very deep breath, calming the storm he's feeling inside.

Yoona pulls away from their position, both hands still on each side of Sehun's face. The corner of her lip lifts a little. "Go. They need you."

The doe-eyed girl rises on her feet as she sees Sehun slowly walks to the mentioned room. She saw him reaching for Chanyeol's hand along the way. Yoona can't help sighing at the sight. They are too young to go through something like this.

"He'll be fine." She turned around to be face-to-face with Super Junior's Donghae.

Donghae gives her a reassuring smile. "They'll be fine." With that, Donghae opens both of his arms and Yoona gives in to the warmth of Lee Donghae’s. She wraps her hands around Donghae's waist and nuzzles her head into his chest. One of Donghae's hand rises to caress Yoona's dark locks down to her back. He tightens his hug when he feels Yoona's tears on his chest.

Donghae brings his face closer to Yoona's ear and whispers, "EXO will stay as 12. I believe in them."

Monday, September 30, 2013

When She Was Drunk

Pairing: SNSD's Yoona & SJ's Donghae

Never did once in his life he touches beer.
Beer helped her through the night.
He cared a lot about her like she was his sister.
She felt in love with him but he didn't feel the same.

When she was drunk, she would laugh.
"Yoona," a deep voice she knew all too well called from behind.
She clumsily turned around, almost tripped herself in the process. She smiled, but her smile never reached her eyes.
"You came!" she squealed cheerfully, but Donghae knew better. The hint of depression didn't escape his hearing.
Dragging herself across the room with a bottle of beer in her hand, she giggled. Her eyes were slightly closed and her cheeks flushed in crimson red. It didn't take long for Donghae to know that she was drunk, really drunk.
Donghae let out a heavy sigh as he caught Yoona just in time before she fell on the ground.
"You are drunk, Yoona. Stop drinking," he said between gritted teeth.
Yoona laughed. "You are so funny, Donghae Oppa! Let's have fun tonight!"
The man circled his arm around her petite figure, bringing her down to sit on the couch beside them. Carefully, he took away the bottle from her hand and placed it on the table.
Yoona frowned a little, but the next second she let out another round of laughter. "You still hate beer? What a kid!"
Knowing that Yoona wasn't really aware of what was happening and maybe she didn't comprehend what she was really saying, Donghae let her head lean on his shoulder and drew some soothing circles in her arm. Yoona's laugh subsided down. She closed her eyes instead, humming one of her favorite childhood songs.
Donghae chocked himself when he heard her last words before she was drifted to a deep slumber.
"I'm sleeping in the arms of a brother's."
The night went slowly with Yoona sleeping peacefully in Donghae's embrace.

When she was drunk, she would tell stories.
"Have you heard about Peter-Pan and Tinkerbelle, Oppa?" she asked softly.
She was drunk, again, and he was there to accompany her and to prevent her from drinking too much (like he always did).
Donghae stared at her in confusion but he nodded. "Yes," he replied carefully.
"Don't you think Peter-Pan is mean?"
"Why so?"
Yoona laughed weakly. Her eyes seemed so far away.
"He never let Tinkerbelle leave his side because she protects him, guiding him, always being there for him. He makes her stay because he needs protection. But that's just it. He never sees her more than his protector and his friends.”
When Donghae fell silent, Yoona took a sip of her beer. She smiled in content when the liquid ran through her throat, washing away everything on the way.
"That happens in real life, you know," she said.
"I care a lot about you," Donghae said quickly, almost defensive.
Yoona chuckled, and Donghae didn't like it a bit. He didn't like the way she hid her true feeling with her little laugh.
"But that was just it. You just care about me. You don't love me," her eyes darkened in the end of her sentence.
"Yoona," he said her name desperately, almost begging her not to say it.
Yoona took another sip before she leant forward and placed a soft, tender kiss on his left cheek. Donghae didn't even flinch when the strong alcohol's scent reached his nose no matter how much he disliked the drink.
"But at least I can stay here by your side."

When she was drunk, she would throw things.
Yoona's apartment was a mess. Everything was scattered around. Donghae was there, just like the night before, only to see a drunken Yoona threw everything within her reach at him.
"Leave me alone!!" she roared, throwing a frame towards his direction.
Donghae only stood there, didn't make any move or said a word.
Screaming, Yoona swept away all things on her secretary, creating a loud noise of broken things.
"Don't ever come here!! I don't need you! I hate you!!!"
Maintaining his composure, Donghae inhaled deeply.
"I'll be here 'till morning comes." His voice was somehow calm.
"Go away!! You've ruined my life, don't you dare showing your face in front of me!!"
Slowly, Donghae began to collected things he could save and put them back to their place. He remained calm even when a thick book finally hit his arm. It hurt but it wasn't unbearable.
"Why don't you say something? Why do I always have a one-sided argument??!!" she marched her way towards him.
Instead of answering her, he patted the crown of her head, giving a reassuring smile.
"Don't hurt yourself, okay? I will keep the shards away from you."
She cursed, she screamed, she hit him everywhere. He smiled at her. He never cursed back. He soothed her, because he understood.

When she was drunk, she would cry.
This wasn't the first time Donghae ever saw her cry. She cried a lot back then when they were kids. She cried when her mom told her she wouldn't drink through bottles again. She cried when her cat died. She cried when a bully took her lunchbox away. She cried when her sister went to college. And he was always there.
Donghae's heart sank when he saw Yoona sitting on the floor with bottles of beer around her. The bubbliest girl Donghae had ever known was crying her heart out. Her shoulders were shaking; her cheek was damp from the tears which could go on forever.
He took a seat beside her, an arm away from the crying girl. He began to sing her favorite song with his melodious voice. He sang and sang until her sobs died down.
When she wiped her tears and lifted her head, she saw a smiling Donghae looked back at her with his brown eyes Yoona loved being lost into. And a slight small began to find a way to her face.
"Sleep, Yoona. I'm here."
A single tear rolled down on her cheek. But why can't I reach you? her heart whispered.

When she was drunk, she would realize that he would never give her his heart but she couldn't let go.
"Today is your anniversary, right?"
"I should congratulate you."
"You don't have to."
"Do you love her, Donghae?"
"I know you do."
"I can never win this, can I?"
"It isn't a battle."
"It isn't. But you are worth fighting for."
"No. I'm not the right one. You'll find him someday. And when the day comes, you'll let me go."
"You think so?"
"You don't know me, Donghae."

But when she was drunk, she would feel alive the most.


Pairing: SNSD's Yoona & EXO's Kris

"Why did you cut your hair?"

Kris lifted his head hearing that certain voice he was familiar with and his eyes was immediately greeted with a rather pissed Yoona. He raised his right eyebrow, questioning on why his best friend looked so...mad?

"It's just a haircut, Yoona. No big deal."

Yeah, right. I'm sick of hearing those comments from your fan girl about your new haircut.

Yoona contemplated for few seconds. Well, it wasn't his fault anyway. He just got that look which could sweep those girls off their feet. What a head turner best friend I have, she sighed mentally.

"I don't like it," her voice was stern. She had her both arms crossed in front of her chest and her eyes narrowed in displease.

This must be serious, Kris thought. He got up from his seat and stepped closer toward her. She flinched a bit but she wasn't wavering.

"And why, pray tell, you don't like it? It's new and it's fresh, I look exceptionally cool anyway."

Exactly my point, Yoona groaned inwardly. Today was Monday. She got a bad mood already and it was getting worse when her classmates decided to annoy the hell out of her by asking questions about Kris. They never really paid attention before, so why now? It was when Kris passed her class and waved at her and she had to keep herself together before she started gaping like a fish. What happened to his hair? And the moment when he winked at her, it was like the air was just being knocked out of her.

"Wait, Yoona," Kris narrowed his eyes in suspicion and Yoona caught a glimpse of mischief in his eyes as he smirked cockily. "Don't tell baby is jealous?"

Damn. Yoona needed to compose herself. Why did he have to be so sharp right now?!

"No, I'm not jealous." She was firm, but Yoona wondered if she was convincing Kris or herself. "And I'm not your baby," she added.

Kris snorted. "Form the look of it, you are jealous."

"Why should I be?"

"Because I look cool?" He chuckled. "I know many girls had been gossiping me since this morning and I swear I could see Jessica drooling over me when we met in the hallway. But don't worry, Yoona, I don't respond to any of those."

"So, are you jealous or are you jealous?" he asked when Yoona stood still.

Yoona broke their eye contact and fiddled with the hem of her skirt. She had her long hair covering half of her face and Kris had to suppress the urge to slide it behind her ears.

But the 18 year old girl's eyes suddenly shot up when she felt a warm hand hold his wrist in place. She almost screamed when Kris suddenly pulled her and together they ran through the corridors to the cafeteria where most of the students gathered. She whimpered at how everyone set their eyes on her. Kris gave her hand a gentle squeeze and Yoona looked at him.

He was smiling. Not the usual cocky smile of his but that rare gentle, sincere smile. A deep flush crept into her face and he chuckled lightly. She was so cute. Kris raised his hands and held her face softly, looking straight into her doe-like brown eyes. Yoona felt her world suddenly disappeared and he was all she could see.

"Let's give them a lesson, shall we?"

Everything seemed so right when he finally brushed her lips with his and held her neck firmly. Gasps could be heard from every corner but the pair couldn't care less. Yoona kissed him back and gently circled her arms around his neck. Both of them were drowned into ecstasy, one with fireworks and rainbows and colorful cotton candies. It was beautiful.

October 15th

Pairing: SNSD's Yoona & SJ's Donghae

Being one of the youngest in the group wasn't always the best. There were times like this; being ordered around like a slave to buy some drinks and foods in the cafeteria. Yoona grunted as she lined up. Too bad Seohyun wasn't able to come today due to her bad condition. It must be fun to have a company in this boring waiting line. 

She peeked upon the shoulder of the person in front of her, wondering quietly why he hadn't finished ordering his foods already. The practice would begin soon and she didn't have enough time. The other members needed to get their drinks or else it would be chaotic inside the practice room.
"Excuse me, what took him so long?" Yoona asked, trying hard to be polite as she pointed at the brown-haired guy who was currently ordering.
But when the person in front of her turned around to face her, Yoona let out a gasp. Her eyes widened in recognition, twinkling as she blinked cutely. "Leeteuk Oppa!"
The said man grinned widely, semi-hugging her in the process. "Yoona-yah! It's been a long time."
Yoona laughed whole-heartedly, feeling a slight relief to meet this certain senior she respected so much during her trainee days.
"How have you been, Oppa?"
Putting on a playful smirk, Leeteuk answered, "As you can see. I'm healthy as a horse."
The both of them laughed, forgetting the line they get into for a whole minute. Just when she was about to step forward to buy the drinks (finally the guy had moved), a hand circled her wrist and dragged her few meters away. She looked rather upset, despite the fact that it was actually Leeteuk, the closest senior in this company, who had dragged her.
"Actually, I'm here because my friend over here treats me for his birthday," Leeteuk said, dragging another guy along.
Yoona recognized the other guy as one of her senior as well, debuted in the same group as Leeteuk. She still remembered that brown hair which fell upon his forehead and that charming (shy) smile on his face. She had worked with him not too long ago, and she had learnt his name.
"Annyeonghaseyo, Donghae Oppa," she bowed politely. Unbeknown to Yoona and Leeteuk, Donghae's eyes lighted up at the way his name sounded safe on her lips.
"Yoona," he responded shortly, but her name lingered longer on his lips. Leeteuk didn't miss the shy smile his member gave to the young girl.
"Oh, happy birthday to you, Oppa. Hopefully you'll have a wonderful year ahead," Yoona congratulated him with her softest voice and her most sincere smile.
Donghae could only gave her another smile. "Thank you, Yoona."
And that day when he turned 21, Donghae found his heart skipped a beat for the first time at the presence of Im Yoona.

Yoona could hear her heart beating, slowly began to its normal pace. Having her back pressed against the mirror, she caught a breath, wiping her sweat with the back of her hands.
It was almost midnight, yet there she was, panting hardly and out of breath in the corner of the practice room. She didn't like it a bit, (to sleep less than usual, eat less than usual, and just practice, practice, practice-) but she had to. SNSD would never go down the drain, not even after the black ocean, vast sea of unresponsive audience. She was strong, and she would not cry for this matter. Not anymore. She preferred panting and having her body ripped into pieces than crying and just do nothing.
But the back of her mind reminded her that she still had one last thing to do before going back to the dorm. Taking a deep breath, Yoona reached out her hands to her bag, sighed in relief as the thing she had been looking for was safe in her hand. Giggling weakly at her phone, she went through her phonebook, looking out for that particular name. Placing the small object near her ear, she waited patiently for the other line to pick up.
"Yeoboseyo?" a very familiar soft voice greeted her, and Yoona's smile got wider.
"I guess it isn't too late to say happy birthday to you, right, Oppa?"
When she heard a chuckle from the other line, Yoona knew she wasn't too late. It was still October 15th after all.
"I guess not," Yoona could almost hear the grin in his voice.
"Happy birthday, Donghae Oppa," Yoona said sincerely.
There was a short (comfortable) silence which Yoona knew Donghae was absorbing every word she said.
"Thank you, Yoona."
Some things hadn't change, Yoona thought to herself, smiling.
"Have you been practicing?" Donghae asked. Yoona's eyes lit up in a hopeful look at the worry in his voice. She could imagine the frown on his forehead, a gesture he only did when he was bothered about something.
"Yes. It's only a month before we film our music video. I have to do well, don't I?"
"Get some rest Yoona, I don't want you to get sick."
Yoona's grip on her phone tightened. Her heart flattered and she swore she felt butterflies flying in her stomach, giving off a funny feeling she hadn't been familiar with.
"I will."
"Good, then."
There was a long silence followed. The sound of their contented breathing filled the air around them, bringing a homey feeling.
"I'll hang up, then."
"Okay. Thanks for the birthday greeting, Yoona."
"You are welcome. Good night, Oppa."
"Good night."

"Happy birthday!!" Yoona found herself squealing (not so) loudly along with the rest of SM artists. Standing right beside Leeteuk who was holding the cake, she smiled as Donghae stepped closer towards them with a huge grin plastered on his face.
When the birthday boy finished blowing the candles (all thanked to Shindong who put more than enough candles on the cake), everyone started congratulating him. The grin just wouldn't leave his face as he murmured a thank you.
The party went well and everyone seemed to have fun. Yoona watched in amusement as Sooyoung, Yuri, and Hyeoyeon danced crazily in the middle of the room. Usually, she would join the fun. But this time was an exception. She could feel her energy drenched out from the drama filming today. It was a miracle that the director let the actors rest for a day.
"It's not you to get left out in a party." Her ears perked at the familiar voice behind her. She turned around and found a smiling Donghae stood there, handing a glass of coke to her.
"Hey," he said.
She received gratefully before flashing him a small smile. When Donghae took a seat beside her former spot, Yoona carefully sat down. She wondered since when they became this awkward. Usually, they would just talk casually and the conversation would flow smoothly without them even trying.
Few minutes passed and the awkwardness was unbearable. With Donghae just sat silently there wasn't much a help either. Yoona took a deep breath, feeling the need to start the conversation. Taking a sip or her drink, she tilted her head, slightly facing him.
"I heard Sorry Sorry won again this week," she started slowly.
Super Junior's Charming Prince shrugged nonchalantly. "It was just luck. I'm sure next week will be yours again. Genie is a big hit after all."
And they're back to square one. Yoona groaned mentally for picking that topic to start a conversation. She was about to open her mouth again when she caught a glimpse of a box hidden behind her. Oh great, she thought. She hadn't even wished him a happy birthday.
Yoona cleared her throat, gaining Donghae's attention. When the latter raised his right eyebrow, she took the blue box behind her and handed it to him.
"This," she put the box into his opened palms, "is your birthday present. Happy birthday, Donghae Oppa."
Donghae was lost for a few seconds, blinking adorably at the younger girl. But it wasn't long when he finally gained his composure.
"It's so nice of you, Yoona. Thank you," he answered, smiling in gratitude. "Can I open it?"
She didn't see the reason why he can't. "Sure," Yoona nodded.
The smile on Donghae's face widened when he opened the lid. He carefully took the mug into his hands, observing intently.
"Wow. This is the most unique gift I received so far. Super Junior's mug? Really?" he smirked amusedly.
The awkwardness before seemed subside down when she laughed whole-heartedly, opening her mouth so wide. Donghae chuckled at the sound, and thought to himself he never got tired of her trademark alligator laugh. He found it rather amusing to have the center of Nation's girl group laughed disregarding her image.
"It's not just Super Junior's mug. It's Super Junior's mug with Lee Donghae's face on it," she teased playfully, earning another chuckle from the said young man.
"You are unbelievable," he shook his head, laughing softly.
Yoona grinned. "I'll take that as a compliment."
As they being drowned in the bubble they made for only the both of them, they knew this was the normal Donghae-Yoona they used to be.

A young girl of her early 20s was found walking carefully with a shopping cart she was currently pushing. Glancing around the supermarket, she pulled her cap lower, making sure no one recognize her. She didn't want to get caught here, in a supermarket without her manager.
Done with her shopping, she hopped into her car. Yoona sighed in relief. She then took out her phone and dialed a number she remembered all too well. She couldn't even hide the obvious grin in her face.
"Oppa! I hope you don't forget about tonight. My dorm, 7 pm. Don’t be late, okay?"
There was a light chuckle heard from the other line. Donghae's smile was obvious in his voice.
"How could I forget if my girlfriend keeps calling me to remind me?"
Yoona laughed softly. "Okay. See you later, Oppa!"
"Yes, I love you."
And she blushed. It had been 6 months since they started dating but every little thing Donghae did still made her blushed and felt butterflies on her tummy.
It was almost 7 pm when her doorbell rang. She rushed out from the kitchen, still with her apron and her hair tied up in a messy bun, to open the door for a person she had been waiting for.
When Donghae's face greeted her, she couldn't help but smiling widely at him. He chuckled at the action and leant a little closer to drop a kiss on her head.
They had a dinner Yoona prepared beforehand, much to Donghae's surprise. Yoona was known to have an interest toward food and cooking but she wasn't a really good cook. They shared some conversations after that, cuddling on the couch. The television was on but their eyes weren't on that rectangle thing. He had his arms around her petite figure and his head in the crook of her neck. Yoona stroked his head affectionately, ran her fingers through his dark locks.
"You smell the nicest," Donghae sighed in content, inhaling her scent. It was a mixture of lavender and vanilla, just the way he liked it.
Yoona playfully slapped his shoulder. "You're creepy!"
Donghae let out a chuckle and drop butterfly kisses from her neck to her cheek. He only stopped midway when Yoona suddenly pulled away.
"What time is it?" she asked.
Donghae pulled back half-heartedly and glanced at his phone screen. "12.02, what's wrong?"
"Hmm," Yoona hummed. The next second she was leaning closer, whispering into his ears. "Happy 25th birthday, Lee Donghae."
The older man frowned, looking at her in disbelief. "What? My birthday is tomorrow."
Yoona smirked amusedly. "Which is now."
Donghae blinked. "So you prepared everything for this?"
"Yes," she smiled. "I have to go to Japan tomorrow so I guess I can't make it to your birthday party."
"I can't see my girlfriend on my birthday? Wow, this is gonna be good."
Yoona laughed at his sarcasm and gave a peck on his lips. "I love you."
Donghae melted at her sincere confession. He kissed her back with a long, soft kiss. "I love you too."

"What happened this time? He's been quiet these days," Leeteuk asked as he took a seat beside Yoona. He eyed her for a second and frowned. "And you're unusually quiet as well."
Yoona heaved a sigh, smiling weakly. "We broke up."
It took a whole minute for Leeteuk to finally comprehend what was happening. He gaped, wanting to say something but no words came out of his mouth.
"Like...for real?" Yoona nodded. She then looked up at the ceiling, suppressing the urge to cry. Her heart clenched every time she was reminded by the fact.
"We can't be dating. This is all wrong. I'm promoting with Suju and you're busy with your promotion as well. This way, we would hurt each other even more with the longing, the jealousy, everything. I love you, but let's end this, Yoona."
Seeing the glint of tears in her eyes, Leeteuk hugged her, stroking her back affectionately. Yoona buried her head in his chest, breathing his scent. It was amazing how Leeteuk could comfort her in the way others couldn't, even Donghae.
"Are you going tonight?" he asked when Yoona finally released the hug.
"I can't miss a party, can I?" she flashed a smile at him, telling him it was okay for her to come, to meet him after months.
Four hours later, Yoona found herself standing alone in Suju's dorm's kitchen. The party was still on, the cheerful atmosphere was heard around the room. Holding a glass of wine, Yoona smiled bitterly to herself. She was about to go back to her members when her eyes met his.
Yoona stiffened, suddenly feeling uncomfortable. Right in front of her was Donghae with his charming smile and soft gaze.
"How have you been, Yoona?" He was the first who broke the tense.
"Good. You, Oppa?"
There was a long, awkward silent following after. Yoona fiddled with the hem of her dress, avoiding his eyes.
"Thank you for the scarf, I really like it."
Yoona raised her head, smiling a little. She put some strands of her hair behind her ears before answering him.
"I'm glad you do. Happy birthday, Oppa," she said.
Donghae smiled, muttering a 'thank you' under his breath. He then leant against the door frame, looking at her who was still avoiding his gaze.
He sighed, suddenly feeling tired. "Have you listened to the song?"
Yoona nodded slowly. With one glace, she knew what song he meant. "It's a very emotional song," she answered.
"It meant for you."
"I know."
Donghae took some steps towards her. Yoona's eyes widened at the sudden closeness. Her breath hitched when she felt Donghae's thumb gently caressing her cheek.
He looked into her eyes; a single tear ran down on his cheek. Yoona was already crying when he leant closer, placing a tender kiss on her forehead he loved so much.
"I'm sorry," he whispered between his sobs.

When you were on your 30s, throwing a birthday party wouldn’t be necessary. That went for Donghae as well. He was turning 31 this year, not to mention that he was no longer active as Super Junior but as singer and actor Lee Donghae instead. The Charming Prince of Super Junior was now an actor, a solo singer, and...a husband.
He pulled his blanket closer to his body when he felt the sun rays radiating in his room. It was Sunday, and he just had a busy schedule yesterday so he had the whole day to lie on his bed. But that plan was almost impossible when his wife entered their shared bedroom, forcefully pulling his blanket.
"Wake up, Oppa!" the woman shouted.
Donghae groaned. "10 more minutes, please."
Yoona shook her head. She jumped on their bed and began to shake him. "No. Today is Sunday and you'll be a good husband, spending the whole day with your wife."
Though SNSD was disbanded last year, Yoona was still the busiest woman Donghae ever met. She wouldn't be home before 10, mostly because of her drama or CF filming or just simply wanted to go out with Yuri or Tiffany or Sooyoung. No wonder she wanted this day to be theirs only, just the two of them.
"Why don't you lay here beside me so we can spend this day on the bed, with me hugging you?" he asked sheepishly, eyes were closed but smirked nevertheless.
Yoona ignored his question and started to beg him. "Come on, love. You don't want to miss your birthday present, do you?"
Donghae's eyes fluttered open. "You have a present for me?"
She smiled. "Only the best gift you can never imagine."
She handed him a small box which he received with a confused look. He carefully opened it, and found a long white thing inside. It looked like a thermometer, but Donghae didn't see why his wife would give him a thermometer.
It was only when he saw two red lines on the middle that he finally realized what actually it is. He gasped, looking at Yoona with a disbelief look.
"Is this for real?" his voice was barely a whisper.
A slight smile appeared on Yoona's face, her eyes were tearing up. "Yes. You are going to be a father," she unconsciously rubbed her stomach lovingly.
Donghae caught the gesture and slowly put his hand on her stomach. He looked at it for a moment before he exchanged glance with his wife.
"You're going to be a great mother," he said, totally mesmerized by the image of her hugging their baby in her arms.
"You are right, Yoona," Donghae carefully pulled her to a rather awkward hug, for he suddenly aware of what could happen if he hugged her too tight. "This is the best gift ever."
He had experienced different feelings every October 15th, and most of them were because of the woman he had in his arms now. She made him feel special, loved, and contented every time he was turning of age. Thousands days passed with her by his side; a long journey of laughs and tears and broken hearts, but only on his birthday, Donghae found his life was finally complete.